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Collect the Information

Collisions cause changes to Vehicles, People and Accident Scenes. This evidence is temporary. Vehicles get fixed, injuries heal, skids disappear, so timely response is important. SCA inspects vehicles and accident scenes, measuring crush profiles and skid paths. If the evidence has changed, we can often obtain the needed information from existing photos.

pt cruiser


We carefully review the accident reports along with the testimony of witnesses and case consultants. In advance of the testimony of such persons, we can advise litigators on the areas of inquiry important to accident reconstructionists.

Evaluating the Evidence

Collisions rarely have a single cause. We analyze the vehicle movements, operator actions, and scene conditions to determine the contribution of each. SCA uses specialized computer programs to assist with accepted accident reconstruction methodology. We can “do the math,” examining issues of time / speed / distance, driver perception-reaction, and vehicle crush / momentum that can be used to create a collision time line.

We can sort out the issues regarding the contribution of a failed vehicle component to a collision event. Questions of proper servicing of Automobiles/Motorcycles/ATVs often arise in these cases as well as those involving vehicle failures without collision. SCA has the Dealership and Industry experience to evaluate whether vehicle servicing played any role in the event.

cement truck


One result of the failure of an onboard system can be a vehicle fire, whether collision-related or not. SCA has analyzed the causes of vehicle fires in vehicles ranging from ATV’s and Motorcycles to Autos and Tractor Trailers.

We are certified in the downloading and analysis of automotive Event Data Recorders (“black boxes”), and know how this information fits into an accident reconstruction.


Reporting the findings

SCA’s findings clearly spell out what took place. Whether verbal or written, our reporting is concise, authoritative, and based solidly on the evidence. We have prepared exhibits and presented testimony in courts across the country.


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